Silver Package – The Deep Clean

The Deep Clean service combines our Heads Up Inspection with the added satisfaction of a professional deep clean*, using high grade cleaning products, leaving your Hot Tub looking and feeling like new.

Silver Package £295
Acrylic Inspection
Leak Inspection
Frame & Structure Inspection
Lighting Test & Inspection
Control Panel Test
Pump Operation & Inspection
Full Service Report
Deep Clean & Flush
Remove & Clean Filter
Drain & Vacuum
Full Surface Clean
Pressure Wash Lid

More details

Using a deep clean solution, all pipework and core components of your spa will be thoroughly cleaned by our trained engineers – breaking down any dirt and residues sitting within internal elements to return your Spa to the same power and quality experience you received when you first relaxed in your new purchase.

Your spa will then be fully drained, and a further detailed inspection of visible components such as Jets, Filters, Fountains will be conducted.

Finally, your Spa will be hand cleaned to ensure a crystal clean ‘As New’ appearance.

Once the service has been concluded, our engineer will provide you with a full report and advise you of any issues detected in conjunction with further instructions regarding the optimal maintenance of your Hot Tub.

*Inspection and deep clean includes easily accessible components only. Side panels are required to be easily removable with no obstruction (e.g. Decking or Walls).

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