Bronze Package  – The Heads Up

Do you want to keep your Hot Tub in tip-top condition? Even if only a few months old, our Bronze Package is perfect for you. Helping to ensure any faulty components can be covered under warranty, preventing large bills in the future. After all, prevention is cheaper than the cure. Our skilled engineers will spot any components or auxiliary equipment that may need attending to.

Bronze Package £149
Acrylic Inspection
Leak Inspection
Frame & Structure Inspection
Lighting Test & Inspection
Control Panel Test
Pump Operation & Inspection

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Spa Wars trained engineers will inspect your Hot Tub and components to ensure they are in full working order. Spotting issues early dramatically reduces the likelihood of expensive, preventable problems down the road (i.e. unattended leaks causing damage to critical components, such as pumps, heater, controls etc.). If you have signed up to our package shortly after purchase then this can also allow for any parts that may need replacing to be done so under warranty **.

Once the inspection has been concluded, our engineer will provide you with a full report and advise you of any issues detected in conjunction with further instructions regarding the optimal maintenance of your Hot Tub.

*Inspection includes easily accessible components only. Side panels are required to be easily removable with no obstruction (e.g. Decking or Walls).

**Warranty components are subject to the Terms & Conditions of your original purchase.

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