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H2X Therapool D
H2X Therapool D
H2X Therapool D
H2X Therapool D

H2X Challenger 15D


Seat Style
Swim Section, All Seater

The Challenger 15 D features a large uninhibited area that is perfect for swimming, exercise, and family fun. The Airless VIP Technology enhances the swim jet performance, and a variable speed system allows you to customize the pace. Plus, when it comes to hydrotherapy, rehabilitation, and relaxation, nothing compares to the Xtreme Therapy Seat and Xtreme Therapy Cove. The smallest footprint of any Challenger model, it’s ideal for small backyards.

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Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy/LED Lighting

Not just lighting, but a therapy system as well. Scientific research has been conducted to determine the effects on the body of colours within the colour spectrum. Also known as mood lighting, the Colour Therapy helps to enhance relaxation and mood.

Easy Control-Panel
Easy Controls

With the Easy Controls, you can find the key features needed to operate your Hot Tub in one convenient place. Although compact in design, the Easy Control features a bright LCD Display to assist you with fully understanding your spa.

Ozone Generator
Ozone Generator

Hot Tub’s equipped with an ozonator system help to eliminate bacteria and keep your spa water in the best possible condition. Paired with your water treatment products, the Ozonator system helps to maintain the health of the water.

Sound System
Sound System

The Bluetooth Sound System is waterproofed to ensure high sound quality and prevent water damage. Being completely Bluetooth enabled eliminates the need to plug in a Phone, iPod or other MP3 device to listen to your music. Sit back and relax whilst enjoying your favourite music, played directly from your Bluetooth device.

Thermo Cover
Thermo Cover

Supplied with all our Hot Tubs, Spa Wars Thermo Covers are hand stitched to ensure the highest quality and protection for your spa. Also being fully insulated allows for optimum energy efficiency of your Hot Tub.

Swim Spa
Capacity Range
1 - 4
Seat Style
All Seater
Swim Section
4570mm x 2390mm x 1530mm
Treated Timber
Reclining / Seating Positions
3 Seating Positions
45 pcs
LED Lighting
Flood Light LED
Illuminated Fountains
Waterline LEDs
Power Requirements
32A 230V/50Hz (Hard Wired)
1 x 2 HP Single Speed
1 x 27 Speed Swim Pump
1 x 3 HP Double Speed
Water Sanitisation
Ozone Generator
Superfine Paper Filter
Net Weight
Water Volume
7,306 L

Spa Wars offers a choice of finance packages for your Hot Tub. With 0% APR up to 2 years as well as other finance options for those looking to purchase under longer term finance. Taking the worries of large bills off your shoulders, allowing you to spread your costs into monthly payments. Purchasing with finance gives you the ability to relax with peace of mind in your brand new Hot Tub.

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All Swim Spa Deliveries incur additional delivery charges. Contact 01279 814 644 for a Swim Spa delivery quotation.

All Swim Spa Deliveries incur additional installation charges. Contact 01279 814 644 for a Swim Spa installation quotation.

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