Frequently Asked Questions

There can be many questions when looking to purchase a Hot Tub. This varies across buying, owning and maintaining your spa. This is why we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. If there is a more specific question you would like answering, please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.

What base is required for my Hot Tub?

A Hot Tub cannot be placed on a porous base such as grass or sand as the weight will sink into the ground over time. Because of this, a hard standing base is required. This can be a Patio, Concrete slab, Type 1 crushed concrete or a well supported decking. This base is required prior to installation of a Hot Tub.

What is required in preparation for Hot Tub delivery?

There are 3 main preparations required for your Hot Tub prior to delivery. These include an adequate power supply based on the model you have purchased. This will either be a 32Amp supply with an isolator switch and tail long enough to reach the front panel of the spa or an outdoor UK plug socket. Secondly, a pre-prepared base is needed to be laid for the Hot Tub to sit on. This base needs to be suitable for a Hot Tub (for more information on this see our ‘What base is required for my Hot Tub?’ FAQ). Lastly, access for placement of the Hot Tub is required. All Hot Tubs are installed on their side, meaning the height becomes the width and the width becomes the height required for access. An additional 10cm leeway is needed in addition to the Hot Tub measurements. A straight run with no obstructions or tight bends is also required.

How long will a Hot Tub take to get hot?

The rate at which a Hot Tub heats is dependent on the power of the heater as well as the volume of water within the spa. The temperature of your mains water can also vary throughout the year meaning the spa can take longer or shorter to heat. On average, a Hot Tub with a 2kw heater will heat 1,000L of water at a rate of 3 degrees per an hour. This means that a Hot Tub with this specification can take an average of 12 hours to heat to 38 degrees.

How much does a Hot Tub cost to run?

Giving an exact figure on the cost of running a Hot Tub can be rather difficult as there are many variables that will affect your running costs. This is dependent on how well insulated your Hot Tub is as well as how much your electricity supplier charges you per a KW of usage, the interior and exterior temperature of your spa as well as day to day usage duration. On average, a 1000L Hot Tub held at 38 degrees centigrade can cost approximately £30 per month. This however can fluctuate depending on the above mentioned variables.

What maximum temperature does a Hot Tub heat up to?

All Spa Wars Hot Tubs heat up to a maximum of 40 degrees centigrade. The temperature is controlled using the main control panel on the Hot Tub. If you do however wish to cool a Hot Tub down, there is no cooling functionality to do so. The Hot Tub will simply cool over time until it reaches ambient temperature.

How do you fill a Hot Tub?

A Hot Tub can easily be filled using a garden hose pipe. If in a hard water area, we suggest using a pre-filter when filling, this is a hose pipe attachment that reduces the levels of limescale in the water to ensure your Hot Tub is in best working order. The Hot Tub should always be filled through the filtration, helping to prevent air locks in the pipework that can cause operation issues. An air lock is a build up of air in the pipework that can prevent water from flowing through the spa effectively.

Do I need plumbing for a Hot Tub?

No plumbing is required for a Hot Tub. All Hot Tubs can simply be filled using a standard garden hose pipe. We often suggest using a pre-filter, which is a clip on hose pipe attachment that helps to reduce limescale within the Hot Tub water, ensuring that all vital components are able to function at their full capacity.

What drainage is required for a Hot Tub?

All Hot Tubs are equipped with a drain socket, which can be pulled out to drain the spa. A hose pipe attachment can be attached to this drain, allowing you to drain the Hot Tub water to a desired location. Alternatively, we often suggest using a submersible pump to drain your Hot Tub. This can simply be plugged in and dropped into the water, allowing the spa to drain at a much faster rate.

What is the best temperature to run a Hot Tub at?

The recommended temperature for running your hot tub is 38.5 degrees centigrade. This is often found as the most comfortable temperature that is neither too hot or too cold for an adult. It is however suggested that this temperature is lowered slightly when young children are using the Hot Tub. Temperature of the Hot Tub is also subjective to personal taste as some people do not like the water too hot or too cold.

What are the health benefits of owning a Hot Tub?

There are many health benefits associated with the ownership of a Hot Tub. One of the main benefits being the reduction of pain caused by arthritis. The Hot Tub helps to heat arthritic joints relieving joint stiffness and relieving pain. Another health benefit of owning a Hot Tub is the reduction in diabetic blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that someone with type 2 diabetes will see a reduction in blood sugar levels by an average of 13% when soaking in a Hot Tub for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week after a 3 week period. Other health benefits also include stress relief, weight loss and lower blood pressure.

How often do I need to empty my Hot Tub?

If a Hot Tub is well maintained it is very rare that you will need to empty and drain the Hot Tub. Chemical maintenance is an essential aspect to owning a Hot Tub, therefore checking your chemical levels daily is highly recommended. Many manufacturers and suppliers will recommend that you empty your Hot Tub every 3 months. This however can be flexible dependent on the treatment of your water, with some Hot Tubs not needing to be emptied for more than a year. As long as the water is well maintained and bacteria free, you will not need to empty your Hot Tub.

Should I empty my Hot Tub at Winter?

We often advise against emptying a Hot Tub at Winter. This is due to the issues that can occur when the Hot Tub is subjected to cold weather. An example of this would be residue water within the Hot Tub pipe work becoming frozen, therefore causing the pipes to expand and split. This can result in damage being caused to the spa and high costs incurring from the need to repair the Hot Tub to full working order. As a counter balance to draining the Hot Tub at winter, we often suggest simply lowering the temperature to approximately 15 degrees when not being used. This ensures that the water is still circulating within the system keeping the Hot Tub functional whilst also reducing the running costs of the Hot Tub.

Are Hot Tub Chemicals easy to maintain?

Sometimes, treating and maintaining a Hot Tub can seem like a daunting task. However, it is rather straightforward and simple to maintain the chemical treatment within your water. Using Hot Tub test strips, you can easily take a reading of your current pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine/Bromine levels. Using a simple colour guide on the test strip, these can easily be adjusted to match the desired reading. With a vast array of easy to use chemicals available, you can easily balance the chemical water treatment in your Hot Tub. At Spa Wars, we provide all of our customers with a full chemical treatment guide to ensure a quick and easy way to treat and maintain your Hot Tub.

What is the best way to clean a Hot Tub Filter?

It is recommended to check and clean your Hot Tub filters on a weekly basis. This ensures that water is able to efficiently flow throughout the system and keep your Hot Tub water in the best condition possible. When looking to clean your filter, it is advised to first spray these down using a house pipe, followed by a standard cycle in your dishwasher. If you do not own a dishwasher, there are various accessories (Brushes etc.) that can be purchased to help efficiently clean your Hot Tub filter.

Does a Hot Tub need servicing?

It is recommended that you get your Hot Tub serviced at least once a year. Spa Wars offers a wide range of service packages to ensure your needs are met and your Hot Tub can be kept in full working order. This ensures that the lifespan of your Hot Tub is maintained to the best of its ability. View our full range of service options using the Services page on our website.

What is included in the purchase of a Hot Tub?

All Spa Wars Hot Tubs include 6 Months Chemicals, Thermal Cover, Filter/s, Standard Installation and Delivery within our specified radius. This ensures that you are fully setup and ready to use your new Hot Tub without any hidden additional fees. If suitable access is not provided for the Hot Tub, additional costs can incur if a crane or hiab is required for the installation. Additional fees may also apply if the delivery address is outside of our specified radius.