Best Choice Hot Tub Chemicals

Best Choice Hot Tub Chemicals

Chemical treatment is a crucial factor of Hot Tub and Swim Spa ownership, this is why it is essential to not only use the correct chemicals, but also have full knowledge of how to use them. Most commonly, Chlorine will be used to sanitise a spa, however there are a few alternatives and other measures that should be taken. 

Before adding a form of sanitiser to your spa (Chlorine/Bromine etc.) it is essential to balance the pH and Alkalinity levels of the water. Using spa test strips you can quickly gain an understanding of the fresh, newly added water within your Hot Tub or Swim Spa. Most test strips will state the Free Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity levels of the water and give an ‘ok’ zone as to where you need the readings to be. As mentioned it is important to primarily focus on the pH and Alkalinity. 

Firstly, you’ll want to test the chemical levels of the water to ensure your pH and Alkalinity are correctly balanced as mentioned above. Once these levels have been balanced, you will want to add a shock dosage of your chosen sanitiser, Bromine or Chlorine. This works to eliminate any potential bacterial that has developed within the water upon fresh filling. This dosage is approximately 10% higher in concentration than your recommended top up dosage of sanitiser. Leave the shock dosage to dissolve within the water for approximately 1-2 Hours. Once diluted, retest the water using your test strips to ensure the Chlorine/Bromine readings are within the ‘ok’ zone. This ensures that the water is safe and ready to use.

If your Chlorine/Bromine reading is too high, you can reduce this by placing your spas pumps into operation and folding over the cover. This causes the sanitiser to burn off of the water. If you are looking to increase the Chlorine/Bromine readings, simply follow the recommended dosage of your chemical. 

It is an essential part of Hot Tub ownership to maintain your chemical readings. Without this maintenance, the spa can become unsanitary and develop bacteria such as legionella. For further information, contact your Hot Tub dealer.